David Kenan

David was born and raised in Newburgh, NY. He is the proud father of three daughters. David has been a Certified Public Accountant for twenty-two years. He specializes in personal and business income tax returns, accounting and finance consulting services, and is the Chief Executive Officer of Kenan Financial, CPA. David also has banking and auditing experience. His goal is to assist clients with growing their business by offering them with quality tools and services. David has a team of reliable, professional and motivated employees ready to work with you.

Prior to being a CEO in January of 2001, David served as an intern banker for Bank of New York on Wall Street. He then spent some time at Goldman Sachs in New York City doing internal audits. David joined KPMG and spent four years working in Washington D.C, North Carolina and New York City where he focused on accounting, handling large business accounts and conducting audit engagements. In 1999 he was offered a senior accountant position at Ernst & Young. He worked on internet start-ups for two years. This experience allowed him to expand his knowledge about technology and innovative ideas.

David earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance degree from Howard University, where he graduated with honors. While attending Howard University, David played division one baseball. He also attended the University of Washington in Seattle, where he received a certificate in accounting and in 2001 David obtained his C.P.A. certification. David is proud to serve his community and resides in Newburgh NY.